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Japanese Bamboo Sandals : Kojiro

Japanese Bamboo Sandals : Kojiro

Japanese Bamboo ‘setta’ sandals
Size: 26cm - 27cm   UK size 7 - 8

Condition:  Brand New

Price:  £43.00   

These are Japanese bamboo sandals (zori or setta), with a classic black and light grey stripe pattern on the fabric straps. They are made by hand in Japan from fabric and bamboo. The upper part of the shoe is bamboo with a fabric strap and the sole of the shoe is synthetic rubber. The sole is flat can be slippery on wet surfaces. Great to wear in summer.

You may know but the cool way to wear geta or zori in Japan is to leave your heel sticking out at the back.

These bamboo sandals are suitable for people with feet from UK size 7 up to people with UK size 8.

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