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Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

Men's black padded cotton Hanten coat with great dragon ryu 龍 design

Condition:  Brand New
Age:  Contemporary
Length:  78.5cm (31")
Sleeve to sleeve:  160.5cm (63 1/4")
Back width:  69cm (27 1/4")
Fabric:  Cotton and cotton / synthetic lining

Price:  £75.00   

This is a men's black padded Hanten coat which has great dragon ryu 龍 design and classic Japanese pattern seigaiha (waves) 青海波 in the lining.

Hanten make excellent, warm outdoor coats for picnics, sports events or the garden and around the house. It's lovely and light and so comfortable wear. It has two pockets at the front. The Hanten is made from 100% cotton fabric with cotton and synthetic lining and polyester padding inside.

This Hanten jacket is suitable for people of:

Chest: 88cm (34 3/4") - 104cm (41")
Height: 165cm (65") - 185cm (72 3/4")

Note:  Size is approximate. Individual Hanten may differ slightly. Beware of colour transfer caused by wet, sweat, rain and rubbing. Wash separately.

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