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Men's silk blend jyuban (underkimono) with the picture of a Japanese Calligraphy set, a go set, fans and a Japanese poem

Condition:  Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  131cm (51 1/2")
Sleeve to sleeve:  130.5cm (51 1/4")
Back width:  65.5cm (25 3/4")
Fabric:  Silk blend

Price:  £70.00
Original price:  £89.00

This is a men's silk blend jyuban (underkimono) which has the picture of a Japanese Calligraphy set in a beautiful lacquered painted box with a couple of fudes (brush) and a suzuri (inkstone). There are the pictures of a go set, fans and a Japanese poem. The background is brown with grey stripes and classic Japanese floral motifs. The lining is cotton. Arts and Crafts is such a fantastic piece.

It has some tiny stains in the lining and at the front and certain wear but I don't personally think you need to worry for, as a whole, it is in good condition. Please check detail photos and 'Extra Images'.

Note: This kimono does not come with a belt. If you would like one, please check my casual obi collection on casual-obi-belt.html. Prices start from £7 or £8 for a belt.

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