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Kyoto Autumn

Kyoto Autumn

Women's silk blend haori kimono jacket with gorgeous autumn coloured momiji (maple) design in black

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  c.1910s - 1930s
Length:  94cm (37")
Sleeve to sleeve:  125.5cm (49 1/2")
Back width:  59.5cm (23 1/2")
Fabric:  Silk blend

Price:  £135.00   

This is a women's silk blend haori kimono jacket which has gorgeous autumn coloured momiji (maple) design in black. It has a stylish retro orange and cream colour stripes pattern in the lining. The haori has a lovely crispy touch of the texture.  

It is rather long length and long length of sleeves for a haori which is typical of the Taisho era (early 1900s) style. It would be stunning to use as a dress and also display as a fabulous piece of art for a room. Kyoto Autumn is smart and attractive antique piece.

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