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Pulp Fiction
Pulp FictionPulp FictionPulp FictionPulp FictionPulp FictionPulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

Women’s tsumugi silk kimono with a dramatic blue and grey arabesque motif design with stylish pale blue pinstripes in gorgeous magenta

Condition:  Fair
Age:  c.1910s - 1930s
Length:  145cm (57")
Sleeve to sleeve:  128cm (50 1/2")
Back width:  57cm (22 1/2")
Fabric:  Silk and cotton lining

Price:  £95.00
Original price:  £110.00

This is women’s tsumugi silk kimono which has a dramatic blue and grey Tsurukarakusa (arabesque) motif design with stylish pale blue pinstripes in gorgeous magenta.

Tsumugi (pongee) is one of the oldest and simplest woven textiles. Tsumugi silk is hand spun using scrap filaments from silk cocoons. It has an uneven but soft texture, and superficially resembles cotton. I love the original texture. The kimono has a bachi-eri (folded lapel).
The top part of the lining is in ivory cotton and the bottom part is in salmon pink cotton.
The kimono would be stunning to use as a dress and also display as a wonderful piece of art for a room. Pulp Fiction is a really smart and attractive antique piece.

It has certain wear and some marks. Please check the detail photos and the 'Extra Images'.

Note: This kimono does not come with a belt. If you would like one, please check my casual obi collection on casual-obi-belt.html. Prices start from £7 or £8 for a belt.

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