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Diamond Dogs
Diamond DogsDiamond DogsDiamond DogsDiamond DogsDiamond DogsDiamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs

Women’s indigo hand-stitched yukata cotton kimono with cool geometric pattern

Condition:  Fair
Age:  Vintage
Length:  148.5cm (58 1/2")
Sleeve to sleeve:  133cm (52 1/4")
Back width:  60cm (23 1/2")
Fabric:  Cotton

This women’s indigo hand-stitched yukata cotton kimono has cool geometric pattern. Diamond Dogs is a stylish vintage piece.
The yukata is slightly starched. Traditionally Japanese people like cotton kimono to be starched because of the crispy fresh feeling in very hot summer weather. The yukata will soften after a couple of gentle hand pressed washes in cold water.

It has slight marks and certain wear but as a whole, it is in good condition for the age. Please check the detail photos and the 'Extra Images'.

Note: This kimono does not come with a belt. If you would like one, please check my casual obi collection on casual-obi-belt.html. Prices start from £7 or £8 for a belt.

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