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Square One
Square OneSquare OneSquare OneSquare OneSquare OneSquare One

Square One

Women’s yukata cotton kimono with refreshing white and navy blue stripes and square patterns

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Contemporary
Length:  159.5cm (62 3/4")
Sleeve to sleeve:  135cm (53 1/4")
Back width:  60.5cm (23 3/4")
Fabric:  Cotton

This is a women’s yukata cotton kimono which refreshing white and navy blue stripes and square patterns. It has a bachi-eri (folded lapel). Square One is a stylish contemporary piece.

The yukata is slightly starched. Traditionally Japanese people like cotton kimono to be starched because of the crispy fresh feeling in very hot summer weather. The yukata will soften after a couple of gentle hand pressed washes in cold water.

The kimono is quite long. Please check the measurement. You may need to have a bit of tuck at your waist with this length of kimono unless you are very tall. You can adjust the length by using a koshihimo (a cord tied around the waist of a womans kimono to hold it in place). Koshihimo is available for £4. Please ask for more details.

Or you could make a belt from cutting about 20 cm off the bottom of the kimono and sewing it. They are long because Japanese people tuck the kimono in around their waist when they wear kimonos.

The model is about 157cm (5’2”).

Note: This kimono does not come with a belt. If you would like one, please check my casual obi collection on casual-obi-belt.html. Prices start from £8 or £10 for a belt.

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