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Black Stallion

Black Stallion

Men's vintage black silk haori jacket with a fantastic jacquard design of Yabusame in white colour lining

Condition:  Fair
Age:  Vintage
Length:  105.5cm (42 1/2")
Sleeve to sleeve:  131cm (51 1/2")
Back width:  61cm (24")
Fabric:  Silk

This is a men's vintage black silk haori jacket. It has a fantastic jacquard design of Yabusame in white colour lining.
Yabusame 流鏑馬 is archery on horseback from the Japanese Kamakura period. Ayai gasa (hat) is that samurai wore in hunting or Yabusame in old times.

The outside textile is habutae (smooth, glossy silk cloth with a fine weave) silk, and it has a soft and smooth touch. There are five mons (family crests). The symbol of the mon is maru ni yatsuyaguruma (eight hawk’s feather shaped in a wheel shape in a circle). It is medium weight. Black Stallion is a very smart and sophisticated vintage piece.

These man's habutae haori jackets come without straps. You can wear without straps and keep the front open or contact me if you'd like a pair. Navy blue and brown colours straps are available at the moment.

It has certain wear and  some flaws including marks in the lining, but the outer is in a pretty good condition for the age. Please check the detail photos and the 'Extra Images'.

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