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Coat of Arms
Coat of ArmsCoat of ArmsCoat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Contemporary
Length:  405cm
Width:  31cm

Price:  £145.00   

This obi is called fukuro obi. The obi has a fantastic exotic design.


The fukuro (double-fold) obi ranks next to the maru obi. It is appropriate for formal and semiformal occasions.

When this obi is woven in the form of a tube, it is called hon-bukuro, the "real double-fold" obi. When the back and the front are woven separately and then sewn together, it is referred to as nui-bukuro, "sewn double-fold" obi. Nowadays the double-fold obi is usually of the latter type. As a rule, only the front of the obi is decorated, either fully patterned or sixty percent patterned, and the reverse side is left plain.
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