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Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood

Condition:  Fair
Age:  c.1920's - 1930's
Length:  298cm
Width:  29cm

This is a charming Chuya obi- the patterned fabric is wool. The obi has a lovely forest trees motif design. The fabric on the other side is cotton and silk blend. Unfortunately there are small holes on the patterned side but it is in pretty good condition for the age. Hope you enjoy the retro feel. 

The Chuya obi is a lined obi made by sewing together two pieces of cloth over a stiff lining. Width may vary slightly with individual taste. 

It was worn for almost all non-formal occasions during the Meiji and early Taisho periods. The Chuya means 'day and night' so chuya obi is called from the combination of bright and dark colours. It is rarely seen today but might be worn when going to the theater.


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