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Tulip Garden
Tulip GardenTulip GardenTulip GardenTulip Garden

Tulip Garden

Condition:  Fair
Age:  c.1920's - 1930's
Length:  345cm
Width:  30cm

Price:  £135.00   

This is a lovely vintage nagoya obi with pretty lily motif design, which is woven. Textile is ro (summer sheer silk), and has soft touch.

Unfortunately it has quite few patinas and stains. However it is such a fantastic elegant piece. 

For the details of the flaws, please refer to the photos and the sheet. 

Length at widest part 116 cm

Length at narrow part 229 cm

Width at widest part 30 cm

Width at narrowest part 15 cm

First produced at the end of the Taisho period (1912-26) in Nagoya, and hence the name, this obi is simpler and lighter than the double-fold obi. There are woven and dyed Nagoya obi. The woven (ori) obi is made of silk gauze damask. The dyed (some) obi is made of dyed silk gauze. The ori Nagoya obi ranks slightly higher, but both are acceptable for a variety of occasions, depending on the material and the design.

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