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Indigo Kendo Jacket : Yamato
Indigo Kendo Jacket : YamatoIndigo Kendo Jacket : YamatoIndigo Kendo Jacket : YamatoIndigo Kendo Jacket : YamatoIndigo Kendo Jacket : YamatoIndigo Kendo Jacket : Yamato

Indigo Kendo Jacket : Yamato

Stylish vintage sashiko style stitched indigo cotton Kendo 剣道 jacket

Condition:  Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  75cm (29 1/2")
Sleeve to sleeve:  117.5cm (46 1/4")
Back width:  55cm (21 3/4")
Fabric:  Indigo cotton

This is a stylish vintage indigo kendo jacket which has embroidered kanji in orange and a label on the lower front left hem. It has a wrap-over front with a tie closure and has a 16.5 cm centre back slit.

Kendogi are jackets made for the martial art called ‘Kendo 剣道’, which is a form swordsmanship using wooden swords ’Shinai 竹刀’. These jackets are made to withstand the demands of fighting and intense movement, and are usually made of thickly ’Sashiko’ style stitched indigo cotton. The indigo colour tends to become nicely faded with age and certain wear, and often are embroidered with the surname of the original owner but this piece with the full name 福森一夫 Kasuo Fukumori. People wear Hakama trousers with the jacket as Kendo uniform.

It will make a great casual jacket with jeans or any other denim or non denim items!

The jacket fits me. I'm usually a UK size 8-10.
It has certain wear, but as a whole, it is in good condition for the age. Enjoy real vintage textile taste of Japan! Please check the detailed photos.


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