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Women's black silk haori jacket has glamorous chrysanthemum motif design which is woven with gold, silver and soft copper coated threads

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  77cm (30 1/4")
Sleeve to sleeve:  133.5cm (52 1/2")
Back width:  58.5cm (22 3/4")
Fabric:  Silk

This women's black silk haori jacket has glamorous kiku (chrysanthemum) motif design that also looks like fireworks, which is woven with gold, silver and soft copper coated threads. The background is mysterious silvery abstract pattern all over.

The design of the lining is charming kiku (chrysanthemum) pattern. It has a mon (family crest) centre back at the neck. This haori jacket is medium weight.

It would be stunning as a fabulous jacket and display as a decorative art piece for a room. Boom is a gorgeous vintage piece.

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