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Black Panther
Black PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack Panther

Black Panther

Women's synthetic black haori jacket with stylish snow like jacquard pattern all over

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  73.5cm (29")
Sleeve to sleeve:  132.5cm (52 1/4")
Back width:  60cm (23 1/2")
Fabric:  Synthetic

Price:  £65.00
Original price:  £85.00

This women's synthetic black haori jacket has stylish snow like jacquard pattern all over. It is so-called hitoe (single lining), which means the jacket has no lining so is nicely lightweight.

The model is about 157cm (5’2”).

Black Panther is an attractive vintage piece.

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