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Hippari Jacket: Tsubame
Hippari Jacket: TsubameHippari Jacket: TsubameHippari Jacket: TsubameHippari Jacket: TsubameHippari Jacket: TsubameHippari Jacket: Tsubame

Hippari Jacket: Tsubame

Hand-stitched women's cotton Hippari jacket, worn as work clothes by farmers, has a stylish shima 縞 (stripe) pattern


Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  55.5cm (21 3/4")
Sleeve to sleeve:  112.5cm (44 1/4")
Back width:  56.5cm (22 1/4")
Fabric:  Cotton

This hand-stitched women's cotton hippari farmers work jacket has stylish burgundy, olive and blue shima 縞 (stripe) pattern in black. It has short sleeves and the width of the cuff is not very big about 15cm.  

The jacket, typical of Japanese folkwear, is slightly starched and will soften after a couple of hand washes in cold water. The jacket has a wrap-over front with a tie closure inside.

It is quite small hippari jacket. I'm usually a UK size 8. The jacket only just fits my size and seems quite tight on me so it is suitable for people with UK size 8 or even smaller.

Tsubame is a charming piece with a warm folk feeling. It will make a great casual jacket with jeans or any other items!

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