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Great Escape
Great EscapeGreat EscapeGreat EscapeGreat EscapeGreat EscapeGreat Escape

Great Escape

Handsome men's silk jyuban underkimono with fantastic shibori (tie-dye) work of mist, mountain scenery, sailing boat, wave and pine tree in stylish greyish blue and soft khaki

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  134.5cm (53")
Sleeve to sleeve:  137.5cm (54 1/4")
Back width:  64cm (25 1/4")
Fabric:  Silk

This is a men's silk jyuban (underkimono) which has a soft and smooth touch in a good quality of silk with fantastic shibori (tie-dye) work of kasumi (mist), mountain scenery, hansen (sailing boat), wave and matsu (pine). There is a picture of a person who is viewing waterfall.

The background colour is in stylish greyish blue and soft khaki. This handsome kimono would be lovely for women as well. It is definitely one of my favourite pieces. Please check the measurement.

It would be stunning to use as a dress and also display as a decorative piece for a room. Great Escape is a fabulous vintage piece.

I try to show you as accurate colours as possible but it's not always easy in a photo so the real colour might be slightly different from the pictures.

Note: This kimono does not come with a belt. If you would like one, please check my casual obi collection on casual-obi-belt.html. Prices start from £8 or £10 for a belt.


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