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Hakama: Genji
 Hakama: GenjiHakama: Genji 

Hakama: Genji

Fantastic woven Hakama - divided umanori horse-riding style with breathtaking gold and deep shade of red-violet floral motif pattern

Condition:  Very Good
Age:  Vintage
Length:  80.5cm (31 3/4")
Fabric:  Silk

Hakama are unisex pleated "pants" which can either be in a skirt style (gyoto hakama) or divided into two like baggy trousers (umanori horse-riding hakama) - traditionally worn over a full kimono. Note the side slits that would reveal what's worn underneath. The waist is generally a free size since the front and back panels are joined by long ties that can be doubled around the waist on smaller frames. Men traditionally wear the hakama low on the hips, Japanese women wear theirs high at the waist. Hakama are good for martial arts or make an unique skirt for women.

This fantastic woven hakama may have been used as a Noh 能 or Kyogen 狂言 costume. The gold and deep shade of red-violet floral motif pattern is really breathtaking. It is divided style. I try to show you as accurate colours as possible but it's not always easy in a photo so the real colour might be slightly different from the pictures. Genji is a wonderful collectable hakama.


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